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gallery of star guests

  • Review of V.Meladze

    Thank you for your sincerity, comfortable rooms, professionalism and a smile! I wish prosperity and good guests!

    Valeriy Meladze

  • Filipp Kirkorov

  • Oleg Gazmanov

  • Review of V.Leontiev

    Thank you for your warmth and comfort. Be healthy and happy!

    Valeriy Leontiev

  • Vladimir Spivakov

  • Review of G. Leps

    Hotel "Aurora" Thanks for your hospitality.

    Grigoriy Leps

  • Review of S.Mihailov

    Happiness! Goodness! Well-being! Never forget "Heaven" and "Heaven" will never leave you!

    Stas Mihailov

  • Dmitriy Hvorostovskiy

  • Review of V.Kuzmin

    Thank you, you were great! Health, happiness and prosperity! See you there!

    Vladimir Kuzmin

  • Review of K.Orbakayte

    Glad you stay in "Aurora", when I come to the city of Kursk. Thanks for the welcome and comfort.

    Kristina Orbakayte

  • Review of N.Shurochkina

    You are the best!


  • Review of Yolka

    Everything is fine! Thank you!


  • Nikolay Rastorguev

  • Review of A.Rozenbaum

    Thank you for your hospitality! See you there!

    Aleksandr Rozenbaum

  • Review of L.Uspenskaya

    Thank you for the opportunity to comfortably rest before the concert artist. Good luck and good health!

    Lubov Uspenskaya

  • Elena Vaenga

  • Dmitriy Malikov

  • Evgeniy Petrosian

  • Shura group "B-2"

  • Pavel Astahov

  • Review of A.Dolskiy

    Thanks for the hospitality, cleanliness. Special thanks for the wonderful musician (guitarist) at breakfast.

    Aleksandr Dolskiy

  • Rikkardo Fogli

  • Marina Deviatova

  • Review of N.Chepraga

    This is not a "hotel", but a real palace with a great team! Thank you for your comfort, for your professionalism! With sympathy, People's Artist of Moldova N.Chepraga

    Nadegda Chepraga

  • Review of R.Ibragimov

    Hotel staff "Aurora" All the best! Good luck!

    Renat Ibragimov

  • Review of V.Kipelov

    Many thanks to the hotel "Aurora" for the warm hospitality and very tasty cuisine. Good luck and prosperity! Regards, Valery Kipelov

    Group "Kipelov"

  • Larisa Guzeeva

  • Sergey Kolesnikov

  • Aleksandr Mostovoy

  • Review of I.Mamenko

    Thank you so much for the wonderful welcome and brilliant service. Be sure to come to you again! Sincerely Igor Mamenko!

    Igor Mamenko

  • Review of S.Surganova

    Kursk "Aurora" from the Petersburg team "Surganova Orchestra" prosperity and all the best! Hooray!

    Svetlana Surganova

  • Eve Cornelious

  • Tatiana Sudets

  • Yuri Shatunov

  • Review of Sabrinа

    Thanks very much for everything love from


  • Review of A.Petrenko

    In "Aurora" very good! Comfortable! sorry, that was short! Only anything ... one night. God help you!

    Alexei Petrenko

  • Review of K.Andreev

    It was nice and cozy! Thank you!

    Kirill Andreev

  • Review of O.Skripka

    with respect and gratitude

    Oleg Skripka

  • "Reservoir drummers" (USA)

  • Review of Ed Shulzhevsky

    "Aurora" thanks for the warm welcome. Love, health and happiness to all the staff!

    Ed Shulzhevsky

  • FIBA Eurocup, Boris Sokolovsky

  • Rock band "Okean Elzy"

  • Review of Group "Flowers"

    Many thanks to the staff of the Civil Code "Aurora" for the warm welcome and great service!

    Group "Flowers"

  • Review of А.Morozov

    Thank you for your warmth and comfort. Until we meet again!

    Alexander Morozov

  • Igor Kasilov (Flower) and Sergei Chvanov (Matrona)

  • C. C. Catch

  • Tatiana Ustinova

  • Review of Т.Ustinova

    We first time in Kursk, and very happy that they were in such excellent condition! Thanks to all who work in the hotel complex "Aurora"! Very nice, very comfortable (especially in room 502), very tasty! You are very professional, friendly, good with you!

    Tatiana Ustinova with spouse

  • Vlad Sokolovsky

  • Review of Т.Ovsiyenko

    With much gratitude and wishes of good luck, love and happiness! Peace, happiness and prosperity!

    Tatiana Ovsiyenko

  • Review of Ya.Evdokimov

    Beautiful, comfortable, warm!

    Yaroslav Evdokimov

  • Review of Group "Band Eros"

    Thank you so much for your hospitality, comfort and good food!

    Group "Band Eros"

  • The group "Prime Minister"

  • Review of А.Karelin

    Tasty and cozy. Prosperity, thank you!

    Alexander Karelin

  • Review of Y.Kuklachev

    Like cats and they will bring you joy!!

    Yuri Kuklachev

  • Review of Е.Dyatlov

    I first Kursk! And your hotel made my first experience a memorable one, as the audience in the city!

    Eugene Dyatlov

  • Review of L.Leshchenko

    Thank you! Will definitely be back!

    Lev Leshchenko

  • Review of I.Butman

    Many thanks for the great service, hospitality and warmth. It was very nice to relax before an important concert at the festival "Jazz Province". I hope to come to you as often as possible!

    Igor Butman

  • Alex Glyzin

  • Review of Group "Butyrka"

    Mentally. Always you and with you ... Thank you for the warmth and comfort! Everything is super!

    Group "Butyrka"

  • Review of V.Zolotukhin

    Bumbarash All Russia - aka Valery Zolotukhin klayaetsya and thanked the hotel "Aurora" for the warmth, comfort and warmth. POT-OC-saving HIV good!

    Valery Zolotukhin

  • Review of Group "Cockroaches"

    Thanks "Aurora" - tasty and cozy!

    Group "Cockroaches"

  • Review of S.Lazarev

    Thank you very much! Good luck!

    Sergey Lazarev

  • Review of P.Dranga

    I liked it very much, especially the kitchen!

    Peter Dranga

  • art group "Turetsky Choir"

  • Oleg Maslennikov-Voitov

  • Leonid Vintskevich

  • Review of D.Arbenina

    Many thanks for your hospitality and desire to sing!

    Diana Arbenina

  • Review of S.Astakhov

    Well what to write? So much has been said in this book! I wish you lots of children, health, denezhek and love!

    Sergey Astakhov

  • Review of E.Bledans

    Thanks for the comfort of home!

    Evelina Bledans

  • Review of Т. Abramova

    Be happy!

    Tatiana Abramova

  • Review of V.Butusov

    Yes Zdravstvute "Aurora". Hooray!

    Vyacheslav Butusov and group "Nautilus Pompilius"

  • Review of Group "Caste"

    You are the best!

    Group "Caste"

  • Review of Rock band «Nazareth»

    Thank you!

    Rock band «Nazareth»

  • Review of Artists musical "Romeo and Juliet"

    We really liked you! Will definitely be back!

    Artists musical "Romeo and Juliet"

  • Review of S.Svetikova

    You lovely and amazing!

    Svetlana Svetikova

  • Review of О.Akulich

    Thank you for the warm priem.Vse cozy, tasty! Good luck to you! Happiness!

    Oleg Akulich

  • Review of VIA "Flame"

    Thanks for the warm welcome! Good luck to all!

    VIA "Flame"

  • Review of М.Pokrovsky

    Thanks for the welcome! Everything is wonderful: sweet, delicious, cozy!

    Maxim Pokrovsky and the group "leg cramped"

  • Review of A.Revva, A.Rozhkov

    A. Revva: "Aurora" has revolutionized the hospitality industry Kursk.
    A.Rozhkov: Bon appetit to all guests "Aurora."

    Alexander Revva and Andrei Rozhkov

  • Review of М.Turetsky

    Brilliant service and great people!

    Michael Turetsky and art group "Turetsky Choir"

  • Review of E.Grishkovec

    Thank you for caring! You all the best!

    Eugene Grishkovec

  • Review of N.Zadorozhnaja

    Thank you for your comfort and a warm welcome!

    Nastya Zadorozhnaja

  • Review of DJ Dolphin

    Thank you! It's cool!

    DJ Dolphin

  • Review of М.Shufutinskiy

    Thank you very much! I liked everything and everyone!

    Mihail Shufutinskiy

  • Review of Group "Boombox"

    Thank you for your hospitality!

    Group "Boombox"

  • Review of А.Duhova

    Let your life sparkles and dances!

    Alla Duhova and show-ballet "Todes"

  • Review of S.Drozdov

    Always happy to stay with you!

    Sergey Drozdov and the group "Blue Bird"

  • Review of S.Mavrin

    Best wishes. Thank you for your warmth and caring!

    Sergei Mavrin and group "Aria"

  • Review of А.Vasilyev

    Thank you! You - the best!

    Alexander Vasilyev and group "Spleen"

  • Review of I.Kalnins

    Smile and then everything will be fine!

    Ivars Kalnins

  • Review of S.Gianni

    Thank you! Super people, super hotel! Good luck!

    Stella Gianni

  • Review of S.Zhukov

    Thank you for the warmth, joy and meet! We will stay in Kursk only you!

    Sergey Zhukov, the group "Hands Up"

  • Review of Group "The Hitcher"

    With gratitude for the warm welcome! Good luck and prosperity!

    Group of M.Krug "The Hitcher"

  • Review of S.Penquin

    Thank you for the warm welcome. I was at home! Good luck and celebration in our gray everyday life!

    Sergei Penquin

  • Review of S.Trofimov

    Guys! Thank you for your hospitality, warmth and understanding of our nomadic life! You - the best!

    Sergei Trofimov

  • Review of The "Picnic"

    Lovely hotel: gorgeous rooms of European level, the staff above all praise, restaurant European level. In general, everything is fine! Thanks for everything!

    The "Picnic"

  • Review of Т. Arntgolts

    Thanks "Aurora"! Cozy, warm and sooo delicious!

    Tatiana Arntgolts

  • Review of Dino MC 47

    Thank you! All very nice!

    Dino MC 47

  • Alexander Marshall

  • Review of I.Lagutenko

    All very cozy and delicious!

    Ilya Lagutenko and group "Mummy Troll"

  • Review of V.Vinokur

    Dear friends! Thank you for the warmth and comfort of home!

    Vladimir Vinokur

  • Review of Group "Mirage 90"»

    Specifically for the hotel staff "Aurora" with the wishes of prosperity and success! Thank you for your comfort!

    Group "Mirage 90"

  • Review of Maxim

    Thank you! Warm and clean!


  • Review of V.Kozachenko

    Thank you for your hospitality! My best wishes!

    Vadim Kozachenko

  • Review of Group "Nancy"

    The staff of the hotel complex "Aurora" - good luck and prosperity! Thanks for the warm welcome!

    Group "Nancy"

  • Show fatties

  • Review of Group "Stigmata"

    You have a very cozy and nice, thank you!

    Group "Stigmata"

  • Review of N.Kadysheva

    Thank you very much! You have a very cozy and warm! I wish you happiness!

    Nadegda Kadysheva and group "Golden Ring"

  • Review of group "Nepara"

    Wonderful 3-bedroom rooms! Thank you!

    group "Nepara"

  • Review of N. Noskov

    Aurora, thank you for the warm welcome and warmth. Good luck! Prosperity!

    Nikolay Noskov

  • Review of Bari Alibasov

    Aurora - you not only nice to fall asleep, but wake up, and it is better to live with you!

    Bari Alibasov

  • Review of N.Tolmacheva, M.Tolmacheva

    From Nasty: I wish you happiness, good luck, health and success! Masha: Good luck! I wish you health, happiness and friendship!

    Nastya and Masha Tolmachevy

  • Review of Willy Tokarev

    Your hotel - at the level of world standards. Thought of everything from the smallest detail! The kitchen creates SUPER professional!!! Everything we tried - incredibly delicious!! Thanks for the great service!

    Willy Tokarev

  • Review of Group "Pilot"

    The most stylish hotel in which we were the best in Kursk. Thanks for the comfort, warmth and comfort. Almost like at home!

    Group "Pilot"

  • Review of Н.Усатова

    A group of artists from St. Petersburg, with thanks to the services of the hotel "Aurora":
    1. Nice rooms (quiet and comfort)
    2. Friendly service.
    3. Good kitchen - a tasty and quick!
    There are no claims, and we ride a lot, so there is nothing to compare! let it be all at the highest level EVER! Happiness! Goodness! Prosperity!

    Nina Usatova, Zoya Buryak

  • Review of V.Tolkunova

    Dear friends!
    I Tolkunova VV is the first guest at your hotel. I am pleased that the opening of Kursk, as The hotel is beautifully situated, quiet with lovely interiors! It appears in this range calm colors you can relax. I'd like to at the hotel was the charm of Europe and our good Russian cordial reception. AS Pushkin said: "Here the Russian spirit, here smells!" Pacifies people with beauty and heart! With love and friendship, the first resident of a lovely hotel, People's Artist of Russia V.Tolkunova

    Valentine Tolkunova


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